Pin wheels, {or windmills as we used to call them} for a very beautiful wedding.

Gone are the days when pinwheels were merely a play thing for little girls and boys at a British seaside destination, or a pink and green foil finished menace to scare the birds from your courgettes at your allotment. No, now pinwheels are sophisticated and retro and coming to a wedding near you.

I have to admit that writing this blog is making me want to plan my wedding again, this time I would include pinwheels, lots of them at different sizes, made from different papers. If I’d of had pinwheels then they they would have spun in delight during our outdoor ceremony and afterward would have been played with by the children. And imagine, a sandpit with buckets and spades and bunting…just for the kids to play in. Yum, and an ice cream vendor serving from the back of an old fashioned bike.

You see, pinwheels take me straight back to the seaside, but not in this wedding from Real Etsy Weddings

I have to confess that the next set are from a seaside wedding, just much cooler than the one I was planning in my head, they can be found at Green Wedding Shoes

I’m also liking these, which can be found at Rule 42, where pinwheels reign supreme!

Now, if you are overcome by the desire to include pinwheels in your wedding then you could buy them ready made, like these from the Etsy shop Elizabeth St.

Or these, from the Etsy shop Aubabi

Or if you are up for a bit of D.I.Y. then go over to Once Wed where you will find a pretty simple step by step instructions on how to make them yourself. Ones that may look like these…

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